Dr. Vihang Sukhadia
Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Meet Mr. Vihang Sukhadia

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Dr. vihang Sukhadia also had unique exposure to management of Craniofacial trauma at nuerosurgery department of K.S. Hegde Medical Hospital, Mangalore during his residency, where he gained clinical experience in critical care of craniofacial trauma patients and also operating room experience in management of the same.
He was exposed to various aspects of Oral Cancer management including microvascular reconstruction at the esteemed Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai & Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum during his residency programme in maxilloFacial Surgery.
He has also worked in a Craniofacial Center during his residency programme and gained experience in management of Craniofacial trauma, Orthodentic Surgery, cleft lip & palate & other Cosmetic Facial Surgery.
After completion of his residncy Dr. Vihang Sukhadia went on to do surgical fellowship in cleft lip, palate and Craniofacial aesthatic facial surgery offered by Smile Train, USA accrediated craniofacial center in Nagercoil, where he learned and performed more than 250 surgeries for Craniofacial Trauma, Cleft lip, palate & other Facial Cosmetic Surgeries.
Dr. Vihang Sukhadia has worked as a Class 1 Dental Surgeon at General Hospital, Bharuch for a period of more than one year where he performed various surgeries for oral cancer, facial trauma, jaw tumours, facial birth defects like cleft lip and palate, and oro-facial infections.
Dr. Vihang Sukhadia has also collaborated with surgeons from USA & Europe on various occasions to gain in depth knowledge and international standard of care for various facial plastic surgery procedures and has infused it into his practice and hospital. Dr. Vihang Sukhadia's background in oral and maxillofacial surgery and subsequent training in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery gives him unique knowledge of the face..... the lips, the nose, the eyes, the jaws, the teeth and the surrounding structures.
This means that you are getting the quality & expertise that you highly deserve.
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